Heartache2Hope offers support to survivors of suicide loss in Halton and the surrounding communities.

The Uniqueness of Suicide Loss:

A suicide death stuns those left behind, leaving them grieving an unexpected death and feeling confused and lost. Family members and friends are deeply impacted by a suicide loss and experience a range of complex feelings that may include guilt, anger, abandonment, denial, helplessness, and shock.

Stigma still casts a shadow over suicide deaths. This stigma that family members feel and other people’s uncertainty about how to offer support combine to make grief for survivors of suicide loss complicated.

Our goal is to break the silence of suicide loss. We strive to meet the unique needs of individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one by suicide through our grief support programs. We provide public awareness education and specialized training to community organizations in hopes to break the isolation and reduce the stigma around suicide loss.

Our Suicide Loss Support Groups provide a safe, confidential place where people coping with suicide loss can share their experiences and feelings while giving and receiving support from each other. We believe there is great strength to be gained from sharing the journey with others.

You can survive. Learn what you can do for yourself and your family in the aftermath of a death due to suicide.

Are you grieving a suicide loss? Contact us for help. Find a support program that is right for you.