Mission & Vision

Our Vision

“No one touched by suicide stands alone”

Our Mission

"Our mission is to be a leader promoting healing after suicide loss while ensuring quality innovative programs and facilitating greater awareness and education in the community.”


Safety and Support

We create a community of support where people impacted by suicide feel a sense of safety and belonging, begin to receive help, and realize that they are not alone. We recognize the importance of connecting people to others who have experienced the same type of loss.

Respect & Compassion

We recognize that individuals impacted by suicide have unique needs and deserve support specific to these needs. We respect the fact that every life tells a story, and people who have experienced a death due to suicide deserve to give voice to their own experience.

Advocacy and Education

We work toward reducing the stigma of suicide through providing education to communities and advocacy for people impacted by suicide.


We utilize a team approach, initiating professional partnerships and collaborating with each other and community members to support our mission.


We operate with professionalism, accountability and transparency in our interactions with each other, the community we serve, and the professionals we partner with.


We recruit and train volunteers to model, encourage and support the suicide bereaved.


We strive for effective communication that includes open, respectful communication within our organization, with clients, and with the community.


We operate on a foundation of trust to support our clients and colleagues, valuing honesty, transparency and integrity.

Optimism, Courage and Hope

Our goal is to facilitate optimism and hope for the future in our clients and to help them find courage to adapt to life after loss. Similarly, we are committed to help colleagues to maintain this optimism, courage and hope required to be there for clients.